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May 23, 2007 – Royal Sounder


Hello again - so soon! 
We are catching up on our email pictures while in Prince Rupert.
The Green Devil is in its glory up here. So far towing it has been OK. Many of you know I don't like towing a dinghy because of what it acts like in big seas, but David insisted. So far, so good. No big seas. Large wakes have been the greatest challenge so far. And it is truly nice to have a comfy, fast skiff. Trade-offs.

This is the kind of hazard we try to tell boaters about. It's a masive log that looks like it's trying to swallow the sea gull.

Here is a wonderful waterfall at Butedale.

She loves her autopilot; especially the remote; especially in the "N" for "Nav" mode when the electronic charting is directing the boat. Fun. Fun. Fun with electronics. David has really taken to the autopilot also, but he tends to like the "A" for "Autopilot" mode. That mode let's him be in more direct control of the boat. He is resisting trusting the boat to the "confuser" (a friend's name for the computer). It will grow on him.  :-) 

And still more glory in beautiful British Columbia.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder




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