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June 14, 2007 – Royal Sounder Emerges from the Fog Once Again


Sorry that we have been out of contact for such a long time -- since Ketchikan as a matter of fact. Very few wi fi opportunities exist up here except at the major ports. We are currently in Sitka. I hope you enjoy the following series of emails.
While in the Bar Harbor marina at Ketchikan, this boat came in and docked right next to us. As we were helping them with their lines they recognized us from the recent Douglass Inside Passage Seminar they had attended. Their boat is a Lord Nelson Victory Tug (Nellie D) and they sure were nice folks.
They convinced me to get satellite radio for the boat. So I bought Sirius and we have really really enjoyed it. I can get my NPR fix and Dave can get his smooth jazz fix. It has really been nice to have, especially when we are at anchor.
We really enjoyed the Nellie D folks. We took a picture of them ...

... and they were kind enough to take a picture of us!

Another couple we had met in Prince Rupert also arrived in Ketchikan while we were there. They built this trimaran themselves over a period of 15 years. Her grandparents had sailed all over SE AK decades ago. Nina and Clarke had her grandmother's ship's log and were re-tracing their steps. What a nostalgic adventure for them.

The name of the boat is Rikki Tikki Tavi - from the Jungle Book.

Clarke is a builder. Nina is a designer and commercial photographer. This next picture is for you, Melissa. This is what is painted on the side of their boat.

We had a good visit with yet another boater who had attended both the Seattle Boat Show Seminar and the Douglass Inside Passage Seminar. And where did we manage to find each other? In the laundromat near the marina (in Ketchikan). What a small world. Judy is also a member of NW Women in Boating so it was especially nice to spend time with her and her husband Dave on their vessel, Point Judith. It is their first time in SE AK and they are having a great time.

This seems to be the email for boat pictures. So, OK, here are two more. This cruise ship is just outside the Bar Harbor marina, much farther north in Tongass Narrows than we are used to seeing them.

And here is another seriously named vessel. State Troopers: Enforcer

I get the point! I get the point!

After leaving Ketchikan we stopped in at Meyers Chuck, a favorite of ours. I love the long walk along the homes that you can take if you pay attention to the tides. The isthmus you see in the middle of the picture is underwater at high tide. Remember our walk along here Barb?

More to come.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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