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June 17, 2007 – Red Bluff Bay: Shrimp, Porpoise and More Boating Friends


I am back at the computer after much shopping, laundry, and visiting in Sitka.
Here are some pictures from Red Bluff Bay and along Chatham Strait.
This is the magnificent waterfall in beautiful Red Bluff Bay, a favorite spot for many boaters.

I am coming back from a shrimping effort in Red Bluff Bay. You may not be able to see it, but I have both thumbs up. We always get a great haul here right off the corner of the island marked 85.

And here is the haul!

Another boat anchored in Red Bluff was that of a friend (professional charter Captain - Richard Friedman) with his newly acquired boat, the "Alaskan Song." While I had seen pictures of the boat, it was nice to see it for real. The boat was originally built as a military vessel: a "PRV." I have forgotten what the first letter stands for but the others stand for Rescue Vessel. It is about 85' long if I recall correctly. He had guests on board so I have not as yet seen the inside, but it sure is beautiful from the outside.

And RIchard and I were able to have a great visit over the transom.

After we left Red Bluff and headed up Chatham Strait we had a wonderful porpie escort. (Our handy plural for porpoise is porpie! porpie!) But it is REALLY difficult to get a good picture of them because they are soooo fast. Here are two just under the water.

This is what they like to do. They play in the bow wave of the boat, zooming along side and crossing the bow.

I got very good at catching splashes, but getting a picture of the animal out of the water proved beyond my capacity. Scott, you still have the prize pictures of porpie. I remember you hanging over the bow with your video camera in hand.

And here is the final picture for this email. David really likes this one. I call it: Porpoise As Art.

More emails to come today after I finish some more chores. David is off fishing; I'm keeping my fingers crossed for salmon or halibut.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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