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June 27, 2007 – More Sitka Area Pictures from Royal Sounder


We're in Hoonah (approximately across from Glacier Bay) with a cruise ship (that's new!), cell phone signal in the harbor (that's new), and a wifi connection [secure provider for a per-period fee] (also new).

The WIFI connection is what is making it possible to send these pictures - from Hoonah! Imagine being able to do that way up here. Times are changing.
But just to keep things in perspective, here is the sign in the Hoonah Laundromat.

This is the kind of weather we have been experiencing much of the time: glorious semi-sunny days with flat water.

So often when I turn my head another wonderful image leaps into the frame of my vision. I can't help but pass these sights on to you.

This is Mt. Edgecumbe near Sitka.

And here it is later in the day, as viewed from Sitka, wearing a hat and billowy scarf. Well... pretend.

I'm fascinated with boats of all kinds. This is a purse seiner hard at work with their net while in port.

And how do you like this festival of buoys?

While we were in Sitka we once more chanced upon boaters we have met along the way. A group of us walked to dinner together one evening. When I saw them gathered on the dock I had to get this picture of them using umbrellas. I teased them saying that only tourists use umbrellas in Southeast Alaska. They didn't care: see the big smiles?

As we left Sitka for the second time, the fast ferry "Fairweather" climbed up our tailpipe in Neva Strait. You can see in this picture that it is a catamaran. And it does go fast!

We moved over so it could storm past us.

It's not too easy to share this fairway at Whitestone Narrows in Neva Strait. There are lots of buoys and range markers to help boaters stay in the center of the channel.

This was an unusual sight in Neva Straits. A sailboat actually under sail!

This is the AK State Ferry. Be sure to notice all the tents that are pitched on the back deck. Yes, tents. People can actually camp out on the ferry during their transit. And obviously lots of people do it.

After leaving Sitka we finally caught up with our friends on M/V Pegasus, in Kalinin Bay. We rafted together (one boat anchors, then the other ties up to it). We almost never raft up to another boat, however Pat and Stew are great people and fine boaters so we wanted to give it a try. But after just a few hours the wind kicked up to 25 knot gusts in the bay and our little raft-up started to drag anchor so we had to part company. It was fun while it lasted. Of course, after we both re-anchored, we weren't far apart and our dinghies provided great taxi service.

And here is my prize picture for this email. This is a female eagle. Getting a good picture of a female is so hard to do because their brown coloring always make them fade right into the trees. Isn't she beautiful?

More to come.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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