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July 18, 2007 – Juneau - Part One: Guests, Gold Mines, Rainy Boardwalks and Jellyfish


The picture below is in Auke Bay (Juneau) and shows Pat from Pegasus and Eric from Abyssinia aboard the Royal Sounder computerizing and celebrating who knows what? ... any excuse will do ... while we await the arrival of our good friends from Santa Fe.

Here are our wonderful guests: Chacha and Mike.     

Mike even brought us some special topography software and printouts so we could better understand our surroundings.

And here is what our guests saw THE ENTIRE TRIP. Rain. Rain. And more rain.

Photo by Michael Thacker

Even the eagles were spreading their wings and trying to get dry.

Photo by Michael Thacker

David got special permission to explore an abandoned gold and silver mine near Juneau. We can't reveal the location because it is private property and no trespassing signs are posted everywhere. But David sweet-talked the owner into letting him bring his geologist friend onto the site for a short exploration. We're ready!

Here are just a few of the things we saw. Dave says this is some kind of boiler - steam engine equipment.

This is a shovel car.

Mike and David are discussing the details of this core sample picked up off the forest floor.

Later, Mike looked at it up close. He just happened to have his special magnifying glass (geologist's loupe?) with him for precisely this purpose.

Now he explains to us what he sees. A quartz layer and... could that be gold in there??!!  He's not talking.

We walked the boardwalk at Elfin Cove ... in the rain.

Photo by Michael Thacker

And we walked to the boardwalk in Pelican ... in the rain.

Photo by Michael Thacker

In Pelican, David posed by the carved wooden bird next to City Hall which, oddly enough, is not a Pelican but a Raven. Hmmm... Can someone explain that to me? That has always puzzled me.

Photo by Michael Thacker

While Mike and Dave strolled along the Pelican boardwalk, they caught sight of this jelly fish. Dave said it is the largest one he has ever seen and estimated it at about two feet wide.


Photos by Michael Thacker

Doesn't look too appetizing to me. I sure wouldn't want to meet up with it in the water.
End of Juneau part one... Stay tuned for Juneau part two for a great whale show and a great eagle show.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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