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July 18, 2007 – Juneau - Part Two: Starring Whales and Eagles


Even in the rain and fog it is beautiful up here. This is Column Point at the top of Lisianski Inlet.

After Pelican we once again buzzed Point Adolphus and watched whales appearing on all sides of us until we had our fill. The rain let up enough that we were all outside and David turned the engines off so we could hear them. Chacha liked to hear the sound of them breathing up close to us. We did warn her, however, that you do not want to be downwind of them when they exhale. The halitosis will absolutely knock you out.
It was a wonderful whale-watching adventure.

They are having a pectoral fin-flapping good time.

Up they come ...

... spouting away.

The PRIZE PHOTO of a whale belongs to Michael. Very artistic. This is a frameable shot Michael!!

Photo by Michael Thacker

More beauty in the mist.

The eagle show at Swanson Harbor was staged by David. (Thanks for the idea, Pat.) He threw a long-saved (and VERY stinky) halibut carcass onto the shore.

Did I mention it was stinky? Here is Chacha trying to not gag on the stench.

An eagle swooped down and sounded its ownership before Dave barely got the skiff into reverse.

Mine. All mine.

That's a real king-of-the-hill position.


The tide was coming in so Dave drove up to the shore with the intention of dragging the carcass to higher ground.

Well, the eagle didn't like the idea. As in: Mine!

I can drag it. You can't touch it.

Inevitably, there was another interested eagle around.

In a very uncharacteristic scene, the two of them shared the carcass.

OK - enough with the eagles.
Did I tell you we think our guests had a good time while onboard the Royal Sounder? Here they are dancin' up a storm. We miss them.

Sorry to say they are back in Santa Fe at WORK.
Today we are looking forward to the arrival of our next cruising guest, Mark. He is the publisher of the cruising guide book I worked on.
Our cruise with Mark onboard will take us up the 24 miles of Tracy Arm to the South Sawyer Glacier. Our fingers are crossed that we will be able to make it all the way up to the face of the glacier. The heavy snowfall in SE AK this year has made it impossible for most cruisers to get past all the icebergs in the water and cruise close to the glacier. A report from Pegasus last week said they could not get all the way up - but almost. They think there will be just about enough ice melt by now that we might make it all the way up. 
We'll let you know what happens. Hopefully, with pictures of the glacier! 

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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