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August 2, 2007 – Juneau Departure


We have been without Internet connection since Juneau so you will be receiving many catch-up emails. It is Wed Aug 2 and we are actually in Ketchikan. (Please let me know if you want to be taken off this list because there are too many messages coming your way.)
After leaving Juneau we went fishing, eagle watching, iceberg dancing, and Sawyer Glacier viewing in Tracy Arm - with our colleague and friend, Mark Bunzel, onboard. We also explored a wonderful new spot for all three of us: Fords Terror. I'll have to spread these adventures out across numerous emails.
Before leaving Juneau we were treated to several afternoons of a fascinating outdoor classroom activity. These kids fishing at the Harris Harbor dock were from the school right across the street.

Their teachers were helping them learn all the details of catching and cleaning fish as well as how to have fun doing it. Well, they didn't have to teach the having fun part. The kids seemed to have a great time engaging in what is a very common activity up here.

Mark is the owner of Fine Edge Nautical and Recreational Publishing. His company published the cruising guide book I worked on as editor. Always the busy man, he couldn't tear himself away from the phone even while he was in the engine room monitoring the fuel sight guages for us as we fueled up before our departure from Juneau!

Being out of cell phone range later in the week did bring its rewards. Frederick Sound is a sure bet for halibut so the Royal Sounder followed the birds to the bait balls and the guys dipped their rods to Poseidon.

They caught several halibut between them. Here is Mark hooking a good one.

His was the prize catch for the day, estimated at about 15-20 lbs. Look at the teeth on this one. And, of course, both eyes are on the same side of the head. They really do look strange. David made his signature beer-batter halibut for dinner that night. What ecstasy.

Of course, being out of cell range didn't mean Mr. Publisher relaxed fully. He managed to do some writing while he was on the boat.

Mike and Chacha... we finally had to let the roses go. But even doing that brings its own special beauty out here.

Stay tuned for the next email for a spectacular eagle picture, Sawyer Glacier, and newly explored magnificence in Fords Terror.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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