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August 4, 2007 – Anan Bears - Part Three: Grizzly Finale


Imagine that, she's still eating. What an appetite.

She seemed to be getting nervous about the sounds from people as they used the steps to the photo-blind platform.

Endless eating.

More agitated. Look at those eyes.

OK, I've had it. I'm taking my fish and leaving. Guess where she was headed?

Yes, right for that boardwalk we were supposed to walk back on. There were two rangers at the observation platform watching for just this kind of action. We all knew that the trail was only to be used when the ranger gave the go-ahead sign. Obviously, everyone waited while Ms. Griz used the boardwalk as a table.

That's not all the bears used the trail structures for. Here is one of the bridges that some bear took a dislike to.

When she had finished the salmon on the boardwalk she went back down to the stream for more...

...and we were free to use the trail again.
One final idyllic scene along Anan Creek. What an amazing place. What an amazing experience.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder


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