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August 23, 2007 – More Adventures of Royal Sounder


When we least expect it, we look around and see a breathtaking sunset like this one in Hollis, AK (near Ketchikan).
Sorry for such a long dry spell in photo emails. We have not been able to get a decent internet connection since Ketchikan (8/7)! Internet connections usually work very nicely at Pt McNeill and at some locations in the Broughtons. But not this time. So, here we are on  8/23... all the way down to Pender Habour, BC (on the east side of the Strait of Georgia) with an internet connection AT LAST. It will take me awhile to catch up on emails, but this is a start.
On with our story...
We waited four days in Ketchikan for good weather. (So far that has been our one and only weather hold this year.) But it was worth the wait as we slipped down to Judd Harbor for an overnight anchorage and then made a wonderful crossing of the open-ocean piece called Dixon Entrance. 
Just as we were approaching what is called The North Shorcut (north and west of Venn Passage) we encountered this nasty hazard in the water. I had been searching for the first red buoy in the shortcut and this is what I saw first. This big branch was stuck in the bottom and had a green fishnet hanging from it. Ugh. I'd hate to be surprised by this at night or in dense fog. It was almost right in our path. It reminded us again that you can never let up on the vigilance of watching the water.

While in Ketchikan, we had called ahead for a moorage reservation in Prince Rupert. Good thing, as they were full and turning people away. It's nice to be able to tie up there, clear customs, and do the last big grocery shopping before starting down BC.
After we left Prince Rupert, we took a new path for us. Instead of going down Grenville Channel we went down Petrel Channel --> Principe Channel --> Laredo Sound --> Meyers Passage, then back onto the beaten path to Shearwater. 
And it was along this stretch that Dave finally found his elusive Silver Salmon (Coho). He caught this 12 pounder in the area of Laredo Sound - at Redfern Point.

And he was even happier with this halibut catch. 

He estimates this guy to be about 40 lbs.

He filled up the bottom of the Green Devil.

Dave had to filet him right there rather than trying to hoist him up to the fish-cleaning tray.

And look at that filet. (No T-shirts this year, Greg; you'll have to take halibut filets.)

I mean... those filets. The eating was fabulous and there's more in the freezer. 
We weren't the only ones fishing these waters. This is a well cared for Purse Seiner hard at work.

Mr Geologist: more diaperic (?) rocks for you!

While in Cameron Cove (near Laredo Sound), we had a visit from Cassie and her Staff from Prime Time II.

She's a princess of a dog and her staff is special.
More to come...

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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