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August 23, 2007 – Mr. Seafood King


After satisfying his fishing urges in Laredo Sound, Dave decided we should press on southward.
Every so often I look back and see something I would have otherwise missed. We went right past this island. It is aptly named Cone Island.

We see lots of interesting structures along the way,too. This is the Addenbrooke lighthouse just north of Queen Charlotte Sound.

And now... Here's the Seafood King in his Crab King mode. There are 23 crabs in that crab trap alone. There were 18 in the second trap. OK, they weren't all keepers (only males over 6 inches), but this was a record haul. His crab cakes that evening were ambrosia. Location tip: Cameron Cove in Laredo Sound.

Look at the size of just one half of one of the keepers.

We see lots of tug boats along the way, however, this one near Shearwater BC was especially pretty and in pristine condition.

We also see lots of hazards in the water. This thing was as long as our boat! We estimated it was 50-60 feet long.

We find lots of other things in the water that would cause us grief. Here is a gill net strung half-way across a channel. The orange ball is at one end of the net; the boat in the distance is at the other end. The white floats mark the top side of the net that hangs down into the water. We have to be sure to see these things and not run through one of these nets. The problem this time is that there was a second gill net that had been set making it look as if the entire channel was a hazard. However, the fishermen were being careful. As we approached what looked like one single string of net across the channel, a skiff zipped through the opening between the nets, clearly demonstrating to us where it was. 

We try to stay constantly vigilant. Sometimes that vigilance means seeing GREAT sights. Like whales. Stay tuned for the next email that will feature the whales I saw from the skiff outside Fury Cove.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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