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August 31, 2007 – Queen Charlotte Crossing - Homeward Bound


After another long hiatus, here are some final emails from our summer cruise.
After my glorious afternoon of whale watching outside Fury Cove, we crossed Queen Charlotte Sound the next day in excellent wind and sea conditions. And in the sun! Here is the chart showing the northern half of the crossing. Because the weather conditions were so good, we left Fury Cove on a route that would take us behind Egg Island. That can only be done when conditions are just right. It's a bit shorter and, best of all, you avoid a lot of the commercial traffic which always transits the west side of Egg Island (and most of the pleasure boat traffic which usually does the same).

Here is what the water of the open ocean looked like as we crossed behind Egg Island.

Doesn't get much better than that.
This is our approach to the infamous Cape Caution (...which can be terrible in bad conditions).

The is the Cape Caution marker, up close.

We continued all the way to Port McNeill and tied up at the marina. We were lucky to get a spot as they were very busy. While we were there, David decided the Green Devil needed its bottom cleaned. The Devil was being slowed down a knot or two (oh no!) because it was full of barnacles and algae.  
So he took advantage of the nearby tidal grid and parked the Devil to wait for the tide to fall. Hmm... now he has to climb up that steep, slippery ladder and climb over the orange fencing. Hmm...

There he goes. Over the top.

Several hours later, the bottom is exposed and he is hard at work.

Nice and clean.
Yes, I did contribute a little effort to this endeavor other than shooting photos. A couple of hours later, I managed to scrunch under the orange fencing rather than over it, climb down the ladder, and wait for the final inches of tide to come in so I could drive the Devil back to the Royal Sounder.
The cleaning did make a difference in the speed underway.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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