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August 31, 2007 – A Family on Vacation in the Broughtons


You have seen lots of pictures of our antics this summer. Here is an email that shows you a little bit of what a family vacation in the Broughtons can look like.
We had the pleasure of spending a few days with Mark, Leslie, MJ, and Nicole Bunzel during the first few days of their vacation on a friend's sailboat. (Mark is the Publisher of Fine Edge, with whom I worked on the Douglass cruising-guide book.) It was great fun to be around them and watch the family fun.
The S/V Partimos entering Shoal Harbour in the Broughton Islands.

Leslie is at the helm while Mark readies the anchor.

Nicole and Leslie at the helm.

Mark and MJ at the bow.

After they settled in, the fun really began. Mark had been extolling the virtues of the Green Devil to his family. MJ especially couldn't wait until he had a chance to get at the wheel with Dave.

And get at the wheel he did! The faster, the better. Look at that joy. He even has Dave hanging on.

Doing 360s around his parents and sister seemed to give him special delight. I wonder who put him up to that?

Still pumped.

But he wasn't the only one who had fun in the Green Devil. Leslie and Nicole and I went shrimping. Our first haul was a great one. And Nicole did all of the sorting so she could put the tiny ones back into the sea. This one was a keeper.

And guess who else took the helm of the Green Devil and did a great job? Right. Ms. Nicole.

She even docked the Green Devil against the swim platform of the Royal Sounder. Happy student; happy teacher.

We had a great dinner on the Royal Sounder while in Shoal Harbour. Dave's crab cakes were delicious.
What a gang of crazies we were. A new party game was invented on the spot. Kill the mosquito, but WATCH THE WHITE!!!!!! Our headliner (ceiling) in the salon is white; mosquito on ceiling; Dave is tall and fearless; eliminate mosquito. Get the idea? WATCH THE WHITE!!!!!!!
We laughed the hardest we had laughed all summer. Thanks Bunzels.

The next afternoon we went over to Billy Proctor's place. He is a real legend in the Broughtons. That is his boat, Ocean Dawn, to the left of Partimos. He has a museum (in the green buildings) that houses many relics of the coast. Bottles, tools, documents, fishing gear, household items. Although we have been there many times, we never tire of returning.

Here is Billy showing Nicole one of the old bottles.

The Publisher never rests; Mark at work with Billy Proctor.

Mark and Leslie take the opportunity to check the accuracy of a cruising guide against Billy's vast knowledge of the area.

We sadly said our goodbyes to Partimos as they cruised away to the rest of their vacation adventures.

It was a real treat for us to spend the time with them. Thank you Bunzels!

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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