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By Linda Lewis



August 31, 2007 – Final Royal Sounder Cruise Email


Johnstone Strait was beautiful and wistful as we headed homeward.

These wisps of fog look somewhat the way I felt. A touch of melancholy always sweeps over me when I know we're in the final days of our return.

Was it all a mirage?
On our last day, Mount Baker gave us a "welcome home" glorious view.

It is hard to realize the summer's cruise is over and I am sitting at home writing this. I always feel so shell-shocked for about a week. There is a sense of unreality about being back. I guess that is because we are so immersed in all of the elements when we are on the water. Here, I feel almost like a spectator. But it is time to be home and we are grateful our trip was a safe one with many good memories.
Thanks for coming on this cruise with us. It's gratifying to know that so many of you have enjoyed these photo emails and were with us vicariously.
Goodbye from Royal Sounder's cruise of 2007.

Linda & Dave
M/V Royal Sounder



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