Broughton Archipelago
Cruising Planner Map

By Don Douglass and Réanne Hemingway Douglass

Boating and exploring one of the most popular cruising areas in British Columbia is now easy with this colorful planning map of Broughton Archipelago and West Johnstone Strait. The Douglasses' proven cruising routes are shown with the Latitude/Longitude GPS waypoints listed for all key locations and the turning points for the routes. The map, by Don Douglass & Réanne Hemingway-Douglass, is a perfect compliment to their best selling “Exploring the South Coast of British Columbia” cruising guide to plan your next trip.

The 2 sided map is 36” wide by 24” high and is folded to 4" by 9" for convenient use on a boat or carrying in a backpack. The back of the map includes the GPS waypoints for the routes shown and diagrams of all major harbors and coves on the map. The rolled and laminated version of this map makes a great wall display for hanging in the den or office. It is perfect for referencing the location of your favorite locations for a future or past trip. On the boat, it can be used as a high level overview map for trip planning with a dry marker. This map is delivered rolled and can be framed or mounted.


Folded Version:
36" x 24" Folded to 4" x 9"
ISBN 9780977648504

Laminated Version:
36" x 24" Laminated
Rolled for Shipping
ISBN 9780977648504



Side 1:




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