Cruising the Virgin Islands
Second Edition

By Joe Russell and Mark Bunzel


The warm tropical waters and easy sailing make the US and British Virgin Islands one of the most popular cruising destinations in the world. “Cruising the Virgin Islands, 2nd Edition” provides newly updated information on all of the coves and anchorages in both Island chains including many never published before. Many anchorages are illustrated with color aerial photos and diagrams showing the best means for entry and where to anchor. GPS waypoints for each harbor are provide along with the best routing to get there. Local sites, restaurants, beach bars and hiking trails are included along with suggested itineraries and tips on how to prepare for your trip to this Caribbean paradise.

272 Pages - Color
ISBN 978-1-932319-29-0


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Cruising the Virgin Islands
Planning Map

Use this map to plan your trip and for reference when in the islands. Routes between the most popular island destinations are shown along with GPS waypoints. The back of the map includes aerial photos of the most popular harbors, coves and islands are show along with navigation guidance as an overlay. All GPS waypoints are listed along with their Lat/Long for use with a GPS. The map is a perfect compliment to the best selling “Cruising the Virgin Islands ” cruising guide to plan your next trip to the islands.

The 2 sided map is 38” wide by 17.5” high and folds to 4.25” wide by 10” high and is printed on waterproof paper for convenient use on the boat, a kayak or carrying in a backpack.

Folded Version:
38" x 17.5" Folded to 4.25" x 10"
Waterproof Paper
ISBN 978-1-932310-39-9
Laminated Version:
38" x 17.5" Laminated
Rolled for Shipping
ISBN 978-1-932310-37-5

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Explore the Virgin Islands, 7th Ed.
by Harry S. Pariser

Another panorama awaits. Discover pristine beaches, special places, and superb dive and snorkeling spots. Traverse the historical routes on St. Croix, hike St. John's trails, and sail Virgin Gorda's North Sound. Whether you're birdwatching, luxuriating in a resort, exploring beaches, or island hopping, you'll find essential information on planning your trip. Included are useful tips and pointers and complete coverage of every facet. All of the islands of the United States and British Virgin Islands are covered in impressive detail. Learn about archaeological and historical sites, hotels, and resorts, camping, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, chartering, birdwatching and golf. Don't miss out! Published by Manatee Press.

5-3/8" x 7-3/8" Softcover
ISBN 978-1-893643-59-8
344 Pages

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Virgin Islands Chart Set, 7th Ed.
by Maptech

These full-color charts cover the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, plus the Spanish Virgin Islands and all of Puerto Rico.

39 Pages
Lat/Lon Waypoints on Charts
Itineraries for Charterng the V.I.
Satellite Imagery




Cruising the V.I.


Folded V.I. Map

Laminated Map

Explore the V.I.

V.I. Chart Set

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